Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Give Yourself a Break ...

Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares
that will not withdraw from us.

Maya Angelou

Hi everyone,

We're well into the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer but, for many of us, our care-giving work will continue regardless the season. If you're someone who is aching for a break while knowing that it won't happen any time soon, try this easy meditation to give yourself a brief "pause that refreshes".

By allowing yourself to "close your eyes and picture this ... ", you can quickly take yourself away from stress, problems and worries.

Why not give it a try?  Just take a few moments and close your eyes and fully picture any of the things on this list (or try opening a magazine with your eyes closed, pointing to a sentence or picture, and fully imagining that).

-  A new baby fresh from a bath
-  A cool early morning by a lake
-  The smell of freshly ground coffee
-   An afternoon in a bookstore
-  Sitting in your flower garden
-  The sound of Rice Krispies
-   A run at the beach
-  Candles dripping wax
-  The sound of rain on the roof
-   A wood stove
-  A field full of alpine flowers
-  Newly hatched chicks
-  Gathering eggs from a nest
-  Colouring in your colouring book
-  A hike in the woods
-  Flying a kite
-  The feel of grass on your feet
-  The dawn chorus of birdsong
-  Getting dressed for a dinner and concert
-  Skating on a frozen pond
-  Camping
-  Watching clouds 
-  Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk
-  Sipping tea by the fire
-  Plunging into a swimming pool or lake
-  Children's laughter
-  Riding your bike downhill fast
-  Meditating in the early hours
-  Plush terry bathrobes
-  Listening to seashells
-  Going to a Broadway show
-  Finger painting
-  Reading in a big chair
-  Renting a row boat 
-  Smelling laundry fresh from the line
-  Lying in tall grass 
Whatever you choose to picture, may it carry you to a place of refreshment and re-creation in the midst of your busy day.

I will be leaving for the cottage on Thursday to spend three weeks re-creating so won't be posting again until I return in August.

Til then, have a wonderful summer!