Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall Workshops and Retreats...

Fall is fast approaching so here is a brief reminder about the upcoming Caregivers Retreat:

The Family Caregivers Retreat will be held at the Bethlehem Retreat Center on Westwood Lake in Nanaimo, BC, from 7 pm Friday October 17 until after lunch on Sunday October 19.  The fee of $200 includes meals, accommodation and the retreat program. Registration forms are available through Caregiver Wellness at or (604) 297 0609 or through the Retreat Center at  Come and join us for some rest, some laughter and some learning!

I've also been asked to say a little more about "informal groups" booking workshops:

Groups of ten or more family caregivers or helping professionals who are not associated with a particular organization are welcome to book a workshop in the same way that a more formal group would.  For example, a group of family caregivers from the same neighbourhood or some helping professionals in the same exercise group might want to book a workshop without going through a formal organization.  The only difference in the booking process is that the speaker fee and travel and accommodation expenses must be paid prior to the workshop date and are not refundable.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.  This can be a relaxed and easy way to learn with people you know and the small group situation allows for greater depth in discussion and personal reflection.

Fall workshop bookings:

As you can see from the availability list, September and most of October are fully booked but there are still some dates available in  November and early December.  (I will be away for advanced training for ten days in November but will be available either side of those dates, as shown on the list to the left.)

I am very excited to have opportunities to share my passion for caregiver wellness with you this fall and I look forward to meeting those of you who have phoned and emailed over the past few months.

This lovely photo was taken by Janet Ritchey. 



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