Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Up....?

May has been a busy month and I have just finished the last of the workshops scheduled for the Spring. As always, I have been deeply moved by the response of family caregivers and helping professionals to information about Compassion Fatigue and Chronic Sorrow. Heads nod and eyes tear as people come to understand that their distressing symptoms are normal responses to trauma and loss.

My plans for the summer include some vacation time on Vancouver Island and in Oregon state and also a lot of writing. In the pipeline are articles for the Well Spouse Foundation and the Victoria Caregivers Network Society and I will be starting an ebook on Chronic Sorrow for family caregivers and the helping professionals who support them. In order to have a base from which to distribute the ebook, there will also be a website to design.  And the weekly blog posts will continue for the weeks that I'm in town. Fortunately, I'm, one of those people who still writes with pencil and paper (!) so I can go pretty well anywhere from mountaintop to sea shore to do my writing and I expect to do both.

The first fall workshop bookings are coming in now so, if there is a particular date that would work best for your organization, please feel free to contact me to hold it for you.


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