Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Comforts...

Every season has it's particular comforts and rituals. Summer is no exception. When we take time to become mindful of the natural rhythms of the season, we open ourselves  to an almost inexhaustible source of support and nourishment.

With summer almost upon us, why not take a few moments to close your eyes and remember the joys, large and small, of summers past. What are the activities and experiences that brought you the most happiness, the most peace, the most refreshment? Try making a list and choosing one thing to enjoy each week through the summer.

Stuck for possibilities? Maybe you could try...

1.  Reading a whole series of mysteries by your favourite author.

2.  Building sand castles at the beach - borrow a child if it feels odd to do this alone!

3.  Eating cherries and spitting the pits as far as you can.

4.  Getting hot while cutting the lawn then jumping off  the dock into the clear, 
      cool water.        

5.  Making orange popsicles.

6.  Going to a drive-in movie or showing a movie in your back yard and inviting the

7.  Eating breakfast out in the fresh air.

8.  Playing hopscotch in the driveway.

9.  Filling a wading pool or large bucket with water and splashing in it.  Or running under                the sprinkler.

10. Eating strawberries warmed by the sun.

11. Celebrating the summer solstice with friends.

12. Going for a bike ride or a run really early in the morning and listening to the dawn                       chorus.   

13. Having a picnic at the beach.

14. Lying on your back in the grass and watching the clouds.

15. Exchanging responsibilities with a friend so you can each get away for a few days.

16. Going to the farmers market and sipping a latte while you choose fresh vegies.

17. Picking blackberries, dandelion greens and other free stuff to enjoy for dinner.

18. Listening to the Beach Boys while you clean the kitchen or wash the car.

19. Smelling a rose.

20. Making a batch of red plum jam.

You may be surprised to find that the best of these pleasures are the simple ones...         

*  Photo by Bigstock Photos  


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