Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farmers Markets...

One of the things I love best about summer is the return of the Farmers Markets. I love everything about them - the brilliant displays of young fruits and vegetables, the happy chatter of folks lined up to buy delicious and decadent cookies, the comforting scents of fresh bread and hot coffee wafting from their respective stalls.

But most of all, I love the vitality of the atmosphere. The sense that one can grow more alive just by being there. An energy and a nurturing that soaks in through one's pores.

Early in recovery from compassion fatigue, we need to find experiences that will fill us up, gently, without asking anything in return. (Most of us are too exhausted and empty, initially, to give anything to anyone or anything else.) Visiting the Farmers Market is just such an experience, as is walking quietly at the beach at sunset or listening to a chickadee's call early in the morning, or holding a sleeping child or sitting in silence to welcome the day.

Can you think of any other undemanding but nurturing experiences that might help to fill the hole left by caring for others? Can you choose one to do this week?

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