Monday, January 11, 2010

What's Up....?

Happy New Year, everyone! Just a note to share with you some of the exciting happenings coming up in late winter and spring 2010:

1. Over the past few months I've had the pleasure and privilege of corresponding with American author and Certified Instructor of Journal to the Self, Barbara Stahura, who writes an excellent blog for people affected by traumatic brain injury, Journal After Brain Injury. She asked if I would be willing to write an email interview on Anniversary Reactions for her blog and I'm happy to invite you to read that interview, in two parts, in her past two blog posts.

2. It appears that we will be engaging with the dreaded HST sometime this summer so I am hopeful that my Little eBook on Chronic Sorrow will be available in September at the latest.

3. Inspired by the continuing positive response to the Caring on Empty Compassion Fatigue Workshops, I am in the process of planning the first two of the new Compassion Fatigue: Going Deeper workshop series: Going Deeper I: Understanding Your Reactions Through the Enneagram and Going Deeper II: A Compassion Fatigue Journalling Workshop. I hope to be able to offer the first workshop in the Vancouver area in late April or early May - watch this space for details!

4. I have had several requests for an Retreat for family carepartners in the Vancouver area. I would love to offer an overnight retreat but haven't yet found a suitable venue at a reasonable price. If anyone has or knows of a quiet, comfortable, restful space for a one or two day retreat that is accessible to folks in greater Vancouver, I would be very grateful to hear from you....

5. The Spring teaching schedule is filling but there are still slots available so if you are looking to spend your end-of-the-fiscal-year education funds in a way that will benefit both staff and patients/clients/families I invite you to contact me for a Speaker's Information Kit with workshop details and rates at or (604) 297-0609.

That's all for now. Remember to do one good thing for yourself today!

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