Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peace ...

Dear Readers,

In a world torn yet again by the deaths of children, the atrocities of war, the ravages of illness and poverty, and the pain and grief of those who attempt to respond to suffering with reason and compassionate action, I offer you this holiday gift of an ancient Celtic prayer for peace.

May it be for all of us who care, (in the deepest sense of that word), a source of light, hope, grounding and strength to carry us through this holiday season and beyond.

Peace in All

In your walking - Peace
In your talking - Peace
In your life - Peace
 In your strife - Peace
In your seeing - Peace
In your being - Peace
In your days - Peace
In your ways - Peace
In your night - Peace
In your plight - Peace
In your reason - Peace
In every season - Peace

Deep peace to each of you in this Season of Peace.

With love,  Jan

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