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Hi everyone! Here is a great resource for family caregivers and for the helping professionals and volunteers who support them. It's called and it's a brilliant concept.

I hadn't heard of Caring Bridge until this morning when I received an email from my friend, Terry Saracino, at Enneagram Worldwide to say that our beloved, Dr David Daniels, (author of the little yellow Enneagram book I use in my workshops) is having open heart surgery on May 10th and that rather than contacting him directly, we can follow his progress and send our prayers and good wishes via CaringBridge.

It turns out that CaringBridge is a non-profit organization, based in Minnesota, that eases communication and encourages love and support when it matters most.
Think of us as an online space where you can connect, share news, and receive support. It's your very own social network, coming together on your personalized website. And, thanks to those who donate, we are available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere, at no cost.

CaringBridge offers CaringBridge Sites, personal, protected websites that make it easy to stay connected during any type of health event, and SupportPlanners, calendars that help family and friends to coordinate care and organize helpful tasks, like bringing a meal, offering rides, taking care of pets and other needs.

Organization founder, Sona Mehring, hatched the original CaringBridge website in 1997 when:

... good friends of mine had a premature baby. They asked me to let everyone know what was happening. Instead of making emotional and time draining phone calls, I created a website. In fact, the same night their baby Brighid was born the first Caring Bridge website was started.
CaringBridge instantly became a connection point in ways that were extremely personal and powerful for everyone. The site allowed family members to communicate information to a wide circle of people. They posted daily journal entries and the guestbook enabled visitors to send the family messages of love and encouragement.
It was obvious that CaringBridge could help any family going through a health event - not only by letting everyone know what was happening but by bringing that loving, supportive community together. CaringBridge could let them be there without the barrier of when, where and how. It's vital that anyone going through any type of health event knows about CaringBridge. 
Our services are free for anyone in need thanks to individuals and families who donate.
The website, itself, is clear, easy-to-use and each page is short enough to accommodate even the most caregiving-addled brain.

Where was this wonderful service during my family caregiving years?? It would certainly have made a huge difference. And it makes a difference today as we convey our love and support to David and his family. Thank you, CaringBridge!  If you want to learn more or to start your own site just
click here.

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