Monday, March 24, 2014

March 31st - Health Accord Day of Action ...

Resilience includes our ability to turn strong emotions into constructive action. To move from helplessness to empowerment.

So, it's time to get out your red umbrella!

The current Health Accord between the Federal government and the provinces expires March 31st and Ottawa is refusing to renegotiate. Expiration of the Accord will result in a $36 billion dollar cut to public health care over ten years and an additional $16.5 billion dollar cut to health care equalization payments. Our Prime Minister needs to recognize that nationally funded health care is a primary value for the majority of Canadians and return to the negotiating table.

On March 31st, people across the country will be holding rallies, carrying red umbrellas, to sound the alarm and let their MP's know that it is time to step forward and ensure the future of health care system. Here in BC, rallies are being held in Campbell River/Comox Valley, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nelson, Princeton, Richmond, Surrey and Vancouver.

The Vancouver rally will be held at MP Wai Young's office at 6406 Victoria Drive from 9-9:30 am. For more information about the rally, please contact Bev Trunchy at (604) 837-1433 or

For more general information, you can check the Canadian Health Coalition Website at:

As a healthcare professional, former family caregiver and a citizen of Canada, I can't think of a more important issue upon which to make your feelings heard. It makes no practical sense to reduce healthcare funding at a time when demands will be greater than ever. And it is vitally important that the same basic services continue to be available to us in each and every province.

So, attend a rally if you can. Otherwise, take a moment to let your MP know your feelings. An email to Justin Trudeau and Jim Mulcair would not go amiss either!

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