Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Peace ...

Hello, Everyone,

I've finished the cards, the gift wrapping, the baking and the house-cleaning and I'm now looking forward to a few lovely days of sparkly lights, familiar carols, shared meals and the warm hugs of family and friends.

To each of you, whether anticipating a happy Christmas or one of weariness and stress, I wish a deep sense of peace, the peace that transcends understanding and that is so well described by Goethe in his beautiful poem, Peace:

There is only silence
On the mountain tops
Among the tips of the trees
You perceive barely a breath
Even the birds in the forest
Keep still and are silent
Wait then
Just a little while longer
And you too
will find peace at last.
                   (JW von Goethe translated by Patrizia Collard) 

May each of us find the peace we seek this holiday season, whether in the quiet of Nature, the beauty of a religious ritual, the arms of a friend or at the bedside of a loved one.

With love and deep peace to you all,


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