Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring 2016 Vancouver Compassion Fatigue Workshop ...

 The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it, is as unrealistic as being able to walk through water without getting wet.

 Dr Rachel Remen, MD

Hi Everyone!
The Caring On Empty: Creative Tools for Compassion Fatigue Resilience for Helping Professionals workshop will be held at the Granville Island Hotel on May 6th this year and we hope you can join us!

Compassion Fatigue, (the natural posttraumatic stress, "fatigued" compassion, diminished desire to be empathic and emotional disengagement from the very people we're trying to help), affects most helping professionals at various times in our careers. It develops as we hear and respond to more and more stories of others' trauma, loss and suffering.

Some warning signs that we may be at risk for developing Compassion Fatigue are the loss of our sense of humour, feed-back from our family and friends that we're not fun anymore, dreading going back to work no matter how much time we've had off, profound exhaustion, sleep difficulties, irritability, anger and cynicism, uncivil behaviour, anxiety, emotional numbness or over-reactivity, social isolation, self medicating, increased sick time and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.   

This small (only 25 seats), discovery-based, multidisciplinary workshop will provide a safe and reflective space for:

Exploring the concept of Compassion Fatigue (CF) and how it differs from burnout,
Discovering your current CF risk and identifying personal early warning signs,
Assessing your current level of self care and learning to reduce trauma exposure,
Learning positive, practical strategies for reducing CF risk and building resilience and
Creating an ongoing personal resilience plan.

The workshop uses mini-lectures, film, self-reflection exercises and group interaction to help participants awaken to their current level of CF risk and create a personalized resilience plan. Others have loved the relaxed energy of this workshop and left asking for more!

So, if your work involves hearing stories of others' trauma and suffering - health care professionals and support staff, educators, therapists and counsellors, addiction workers, family court lawyers and judges, journalists, humanitarian workers, first responders, translators and interpreters, social service providers, clergy and pastoral care workers, and others -  this is the workshop for you. I hope to see you there! 

PLEASE NOTE:  The registration deadline is extended to April 22nd. 
You can email Jan at for a registration brochure.
Please share this information with colleagues and friends - Anti-Spam Legislation makes it more difficult to tell people about the workshop this year. Thank you!  Jan 

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