Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Retreat for Helping Professionals - Winter 2009...

Are you feeling drained, depleted, in need of renewal?  Do you yearn for time in the quiet of nature to recharge your batteries and gain a fresh perspective?  Would you love to take a nap, uninterrupted, or to curl up by the fire with a good book? 

Why not take the opportunity to gather with 26 other helping professionals at the Bethlehem Retreat Center in Nanaimo, BC to do just that?

Caregiver Wellness will be offering a Retreat for Helping Professionals hosted by the Benedictine sisters at the Bethlehem Retreat Center, February 6, 7, & 8, 2009, and you are most welcome to join us.  The registration fee of $300.00 includes accommodation, meals and snacks, handouts and the self care focused retreat program.  Lower Mainland participants can cross from Horseshoe Bay as foot passengers and then take a $20.00 taxi ride from the terminal to the Retreat Center.

The idea for this retreat came from helping professionals approached to advertise the Family Caregivers Retreat this fall.  I received several emails saying, "Of course, I'd be glad to, but I do wish there was something like this for people like me." 

The retreat will last from 7 pm Friday until after lunch Sunday and there will be periods of silent reflection, short talks and group discussions throughout the weekend.  (With plenty of time to rest as well.)  This not religious retreat though spirituality may come up in group discussion as a source of compassion fatigue resilience.

A registration brochure will be printed within the next few weeks and will be available through me at caregiverwellness@shaw.ca or the Retreat Center at bethret@shaw.ca.  Any questions about practical issues while at the retreat center should be addressed to the retreat center. Any queries about retreat content can be sent to me.

Please consider giving yourself the gift of these restful, restorative days in the midst of winter. I will look forward to seeing you there.



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