Thursday, September 9, 2010

Safety in Our Hands: Helping Our Helpers Stay Healthy ...

Of great interest to anyone in the trauma field this Fall will be the 2010 Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists Conference to be held in Toronto, Sept 30 - Oct 2.

With the theme and focus of keeping helpers well, the conference offers a wide selection of more than 30 workshops including:

Keynotes -

1. Dr Angie Panos - Safety in Our Hands: Helping Our Helpers Stay Healthy

2. Lt Col Stephane Grenier - ( Canadian Operational Stress Injury Special Advisor) - Peer Based Mental Health Services

Workshops -

1. Question & Answer Session: Preventing & Healing Compassion Fatigue
Dr Angie Panos

2. Creative Tools for Transforming Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma
Francoise Mathieu

3. Caring on Two Fronts: When Helping Professionals Become Family Caregivers
(Chronic Sorrow in the Context of Compassion Fatigue)
Jan Spilman

4. Meditation, Mindfulness, and Right-Brain Healing
Dawn Bret

5. HUGS: Helping Children Understand Grief & Trauma in Six Week Sessions
Christina Derneder Landen

6. CISM in the Correctional Service of Canada
Pamela Scott & Dorothy Reid

7. Voices of Experience
Pricilla de Villiers, Kent Laidlaw, and Edward Leonard

8. PTSD & Addiction Treatment for Occupational Hazard: Strategies for Symptom Reduction
Anne Pepper

... and much more.

I'm particularly pleased to have been chosen to speak at this conference because, for the first time, I will be combining material from the Compassion Fatigue and Chronic Sorrow fields as a means of expanding our understanding of the stress of "caring on two fronts".

Please join us! To register, click here.

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