Saturday, October 3, 2009

66 Self Care Ideas...

I spent this morning with a great group of helpers intent on identifying compassion fatigue in their lives and on learning new prevention and resiliency skills. Here are the self care strategies that came from their brainstorming sessions:

1. Playing with pets
2. Listening to, or making music
3. Walking/hiking outside in Nature
4. Yoga
5. Spontaneous dance with my child
6. Reading for fun
7. Chatting with friends
8. Taking time to eat without distraction 3 times a day (ie mindfully)
9. Going out on a motorcycle every weekend
10. Swimming
11. Gardening
12. Positive thoughts in sessions
13. Doing puzzles
14. Knitting
15. Painting
16. Shopping for yourself
17. Going to the museum or art gallery
18. Cultivating faith
19. Sleeping in
20. Watching cats playing
21. Holding pet every morning
22. Dream interpretation
23. Aerobics
24. Driving alone in the car
25. Book clubs
26. Girls' night
27. Playing/reading with the kids
28. Dressing up and going out
29. Going on a roller coaster
30. Making a list to get things out of your head
31. Cleaning my room
32. Cooking healthy food
33. Having someone cook for you
34. Taking part in social action
35. Photography
36. Karaoke
37. Regular massage
38. Leisure time - going for coffee or window shopping
39. Aromatherapy at home
40. Taking time to debrief with a supervisor or colleagues
41. Learning to say no
42. Lighting a candle
43. Trying a new recipe, kneading dough
44. Writing in a joy/gratitude journal
45. Write an email or in a journal to "get things out"
46. Go to a different place/ space, even in the work setting
47. Take a bubble bath, shower or swim - "aquatherapy"
48. Watch a funny TV show, youtube a comedian like Seinfeld or The Vinyl Cafe
49. Spend time with someone you know will lift your spirits
50. Take care of plants, nurture "at risk" plants
51. Remind myself that not everyone is going to get better; accept reality and respect other peoples' processes and their personal journeys
52. Sing in a choir / sing in the car / SING!
53. Do crafts
54. A quiet cup of tea
55. Reading something inspirational
56. Watching a bird feeder
57. Raking leaves on a sunny day
58. Meditating or praying
59. Sitting still (doing nothing)
60. Join a Laughter Yoga Club
61. Be in the moment - not thinking about the past or the future
62. Don't attach to stressful thoughts
63. Ritual
64. Change out of work clothes after work
65. Let go - leave perfectionism behind
66. Eat well

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Great ideas! I especially like #3. Walking in nature is a great stress-buster and there's also evidence that exercise in nature can reduce depression. See some of the eco-therapy articles at