Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A New Look ...

Hi everyone! Welcome to Caregiver Wellness Workshops' new look on the world.

Anyone who follows Caregiver Wellness regularly will have noticed that I have posted a new blog format pretty well every day this week - and, in some cases, even three or four times a day - as I've experimented with new templates for the site.

It's always a big decision to alter the familiar.  And that decision then leads to many questions. Does one change the layout or just the colours? Which colours are welcoming, which are peaceful, which are too intrusive or frenetic?  Which fonts are easiest to read? Which headers match the existing photos and which tend to clash? (I had decided on a lovely golden colour until I realized that it clashed with almost every photo on the site! And then there were the constraints wrought by the preselected options chosen by the Blogger folks - which were not always my cup of tea.).

All that said, I'm happy with the new look - it's familiar, and clean and clear, and bright and peaceful, and shouldn't be jarring to the tired eyes of helpers who are drawn to the site. So, enjoy!

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