Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Wishes ...

The holidays are times steeped in poignancy for caregivers of all sorts. Whether you are a hospice volunteer, a community health nurse, a family court judge, a clergyperson, an addiction counsellor or a family carepartner you will be confronted with the many holiday joys and sorrows of the people for whom you care.

Empathizing with your care recipients will affect you, both positively and negatively, as you go about your work and as you return home to your families. Knowing this, I send you heartfelt wishes for all that you need in order to replenish, restore and refresh your wellness this holiday season. In the words of an ancient Celtic prayer -

May we all have:

Grace for our needs
Strength for our weakness
Light for our blindness
Love for our loneliness
Words for our deafness
Joy for our weariness
Peace for our anxiousness
Wonder for our dullness
Hope for our hopelessness and
Health for our brokenness.

This year, I will be spending Christmas Eve with my family in Vancouver and then taking the 6:30 am (!) ferry to Vancouver Island on Christmas morning to share stockings, carol-singing, turkey and trimmings and, best of all, laughter and good conversation with my dear goddaughter and her family. I will be on holiday until January 3rd and, until then, wish you and yours every blessing of this bright and hopeful season!


Ted A said...

Thanks for the poem and the Celtic wisdom, Jan. Your blog speaks to our hearts and minds.

Jan Spilman, MEd, RCC Compassion Fatigue Specialist said...

Thank you for your kind words, Ted. I hope you enjoy all these conditions this holiday season and in the New Year. Jan