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References - A Last Post for 2011 ...

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying the holidays. Over the past few weeks I've had requests for compassion fatigue references from three graduate students in three different fields (nursing, social work and journalism) so I've decided to share the resources with you, as well.

The most comprehensive bibliography I know is that of Beth Hudnall Stamm on her website. This 1,034 article list was last updated at the end of November 2010.

Some more recent studies I would add are:

1.  Saint-Louis, Nicole (2010) A narrative intervention with oncology professionals: Stress & burnout reduction through an interdisciplinary group process. Social work doctoral thesis - University of Pennsylvania.

2.  Beck, CT  (2011)  Secondary traumatic stress in nurses:  A systematic review.  Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 25: 1-10.

3.  Boyle, Deborah (2011)  Countering compassion fatigue: A requisite nursing agenda.  The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Vol 16 (1).

4.  Chavez, Marc (2011)  Predictors of compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction ratings among healthcare workers in critical and non-critical units.  Paper and poster presented April 2011 at the 2nd Annual Nursing Research Day in Boise ID.

5.  Day, Jennifer and Ruth A Anderson (2011)  Compassion fatigue: an application of the concept to informal caregivers of family members with dementia.  Nursing Research & Practice, Article ID 408024, 10 pages.

6.  De Oliveria, GS et al  (2011)  High incidence of burnout in academic chairpersons of anesthesiology: Should we be taking better care of our leaders?  Anesthesiology, 114: 181-193.

 7.  Dworznik, Gretchen  (2011) Factors contributing to PTSD and compassion fatigue in television news workers.  International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology, Volume 1, No 1, July 2011.

8.  Hyman, SA et al  (2011) Risk of burnout in perioperative clinicians, Anesthesiology, 114: 194-204.

9.  Levy, Hannah et al  (2011)  Deployment stressors and outcomes among air force chaplains.  Journal of Traumatic Stress,  Vol 24(3) 342-346.

10.  Sabo, Brenda (2011)  Reflecting on the concept of compassion fatigue in nursing care.  The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing,  Vol 16 (1).

11.  Slocum-Gori, Suzanne et al  (2011)  Understanding compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue and burnout: A survey of the hospice palliative care workforce.  Palliative Medicine (online), December 16, 2011.

12.  State Bar of Wisconsin  (2011)  The Toll of Trauma.  Wisconsin Lawyer, Vol 84 (12) December 2011.

13.  Ward-Griffin C et al (2011)  Compassion fatigue within double duty caregiving: nurse-daughters caring for elderly parents.  Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Vol. 16(1), manuscript 4.

As is so often the case, the lack of consistent definitions for compassion fatigue, burnout, vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress leads to an ongoing lack of clarity in the field. For a good history of the evolution of the term, Compassion Fatigue, see Chris Marchand's excellent article, Compassion Fatigue: A History of the Concept. 

I hope this list will help ease the research journey for interested students returning to write Compassion Fatigue projects in the winter semester. Good luck!   

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