Thursday, February 14, 2013

TED Talks for Helpers ...

For the past few weeks, Vancouver's been buzzing with the news that the popular TED Talks  (Technology, Entertainment, Design Talks) will be bringing their West Coast conference to Vancouver  in 2014.

Though beyond the financial ability of most folks to attend, TED's ideas worth sharing can be accessed via the Internet and many of the past speakers have addressed topics of interest to care partners and to compassion fatigue sufferers, educators or specialists. Some of these talks include:

1.  Karen Armstrong:  Let's Revive the Golden Rule,  The Charter for Compassion
2.  Nancy Berns:  On the Space Between Joy and Grief   
3.  Tim Brown:  Tales of Creativity and Play 
4.  Brene Brown:  Listening to Shame,  The Power of Vulnerability
5.  Elizabeth Gilbert:  Nurturing Creativity 
6.  Carl Honore:  In Praise of Slowness 
7.  Nigel Marsh:  How to Make Work-Life Balance Work 
8.  Kristin Neff:  The Space Between Self Esteem and Self Compassion 
9.  Mattieu Ricard:  Habits of Happiness 
10.  JK Rowlings:  The Fringe Benefits of Failure 
11.  Saalman Sana:  Compassion for Care 
12.  Ernesto Sirolli:  Want to Help Someone?: Shut Up and Listen!

While none of the talks listed above are aimed at care partners, specifically, we can each draw lessons from them to enrich our lives.  Enjoy!

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