Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two New Literary Resources for Care Partners ...

Good morning, everyone! I'm writing today to tell you about two new literary resources for feeding the souls of those who care for others. The first is brand new and the second is new-to-me. I hope that both will be a source of strength, hope, optimism and healing as you continue your care partnering at home and at work.

1. Brain Injury Journey - Hope, Help, Healing

Several times in the past I have spoken of, and linked to, the blog of Barbara Stadhura a great writer, journal workshop leader, and former care partner for her husband who has now recovered substantially from a brain injury following a motorcycle accident. Barbara is now the Editor-in-Chief of Brain Injury Journey Magazine, an exciting new publication from Lash and Associates, a leading publisher of brain injury information.

In the words of their publication introduction:

This magazine is a vehicle for information, support, and resources for the entire brain injury community. Designed to help persons with brain injury, families, caregivers, and providers successfully navigate challenges and live a full and satisfying life, each issue offers empowering personal stories, interviews with experts, clinical updates, research findings, and book reviews. Above all, it provides a community to enhance hope and foster healing after brain injury. 

The best news of all is that email subscriptions to the magazine, which will be published for the first time in April, are free. You can also order a print edition, published 6 times a year, for $48 (US).

With Barbara at the helm, this magazine can't help but provide an authentic, practical, and encouraging  information source for the whole brain injury community. Congratulations to Barbara and her team!

2.  Panhala Website

Anyone who reads this site regularly or who comes to my workshops will already know of this predilection - for those who don't or haven't,  I love poetry! A few weeks ago, quite by accident, I came across this website and, all of a sudden, I was in poetry and photography heaven.

Panhala, according to the website, is Hindi for "source of fresh water" (more or less). The purpose of the group is to " share poems and prose to make the day a little brighter".  The postings on this site are excellent, and the photography, just beautiful. Perhaps try the poem called Laughter  by Hafiz first - it will make you smile all day!

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