Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Resource for Kids...

This week I have found a resource for children and young adults who are affected by illness - their own or that of a loved one:

It can be difficult to help frightened young people to understand medical conditions and procedures. Medikidz Comics is a resource that can help.

Medikidz comics are a series of 25 comics (plus 300 more waiting to be written) about five super-heros, the Medikidz, who live on Mediland, a living, moving planet shaped like the human body. Chi, Skinderella, Pump, Axon and Gastro take children on trips through Mediland to explain different conditions and how they are treated.

Written in age appropriate language by professional medical writers and physicians, these comics help to demystify the diagnosis, investigation, treatment and prevention of various medical conditions. A Youth Advisory Council of kids aged 6-16, who are affected by illness, provide the writers with feedback and help to shape the direction of Medikidz.

Medikidz has produced comics on paediatric conditions like epilepsy, scoliosis, leukaemia, autism and cystic fibrosis and also on conditions that could affect a parent/loved one. Some titles include:

a. What's Up With James? Medikidz Explains Depression
b. What's Up With Mom? Medikidz Explains Breast Cancer
c. What's Up With Dad? Medikidz Explains Melanoma
d. What's Up With Grandpa? Medikidz Explains Alzheimer's Disease

If you are interested in learning more about Medikidz, or in purchasing comics, you can go to their website at www.medikidz.com.

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