Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Self Care Ideas ...

Now that summer is here, the pace of life may slow enough that you can take time to assess and re-jig your self care plans. Here are some self care ideas assembled by the nursing and support staff from Alberta Children's Hospital - plus a few extras for good measure. See if there's anything here you might like to try or to share with your friends and family:

1. Meditate every day / do yoga

2. Meet a friend for coffee

3. Play frisbee with a pet / walk your dog

4. Spend some time in the mountains

5. Have a bonfire at the beach

6. Buy new lip gloss

7. Retail therapy

8. Have a hot bath with bubbles

9. Visit with someone you love by phone or on Skype/iChat

10. Snuggle under a quilt

11. Go to the airport early so you don't have to rush

12. Listen to loud music (or soft music)

13. Walk early in the quiet morning air

14. Get a haircut

15. Eat the samples at Costco

16. Work in a flower or vegetable garden

17. Go to Starbucks with a good book

18. Go for a long drive

19. Turn the TV off

20. Drumming

21. Have a clean house

22. Make popcorn

23. Mow grass or shovel snow

24. Plan a nice dinner

25. Hike or snowshoe

26. Have a family gathering (the functional ones)

27. Start a book club

28. Engage in a hobby - quilting, playing music, singing, knitting, reading, sports, painting, travel, writing, woodwork, car repair, digital photography, dancing, biking

29. Take a nap

30. Go away with friends

31. Clean the junk out of your pantry and buy fresh, healthy food

32. Laugh out loud - be willing to laugh at yourself

33. Notice and be grateful for the little things - your child's laughter, the colour of the sunset, the way your body moves

34. Plan your next vacation

35. Take yourself on a picnic

36. Be willing to receive

37. Make a list of 50 things that make you smile and post it where you can see it every day

38. Create a self care network of people who will encourage you as you improve your self care - your family, a self care buddy, members of a group to which you already belong

39. Spend an evening outside looking up at the stars

40. Explore ways to relax and become an expert

41. Create a special sanctuary at home - a room or a corner - where you can spend quiet time alone

42. Learn something new

43. De-clutter a closet or a drawer

44. Remember to breathe and breathe deeply

45. Make a gratitude journal and write down 5 things for which you're grateful every night before you go to sleep

46. Fly a kite

47. Roll all the way down a big grassy hill

48. Lie in tall grass and look at the sky

49. Pick flowers to make your surroundings look beautiful

50. Do some baking

51. Take a lovely bone china cup to work and have a quiet cup of tea and listen to soothing music for a few minutes every afternoon

52. Spend a day at the spa

53. Ask for a hug

54. Spend quality time with your partner

55. Tell someone you love them

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