Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Again...

It's always good to come home. Particularly in the early summer when the whole of Vancouver is lush and green and everyone is looking forward to a long stretch of summer days.

The Compassion Fatigue Conference in Kingston, Ontario went extremely well. It was great to network and to hear the perspectives of other CF specialists as we continue to refine our ideas about how CF should be defined and about what works in the areas of prevention, recovery and resilience.

We heard wonderful speakers - Laura Lipsky, Jack Truten, Pat Fisher, Gabor Mate and others - and Francoise Mathieu did an amazing job organizing and hosting the whole event. The atmosphere was one of excitement and affirmation and we all left looking forward to another conference next year. Over the summer and fall, I'll share with you some of the ideas and information gleaned from the talks and maybe some of you will decide to join us next year...

One of the really nice parts of the conference, for me, was hearing from three people that they regularly read and enjoy this blog. Helpers, for whatever reason, seem to be uncomfortable leaving blog comments so I was grateful to hear that someone was actually reading the posts!

On my return home, I had a few days to unpack and do the laundry and then it was time to prepare for the last workshop of the season, an evening with the Lions Gate Hospice Society. They are a great group and seemed to find the notion of CF both familiar and helpful.

Tomorrow, I will post the self care ideas from the Alberta Children's Hospital workshop, as promised, and then will be back to regular posts until I go on holiday later in the summer.

A very happy, healthy and refreshing summer to you all!

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